Friday, 7 September 2018

UPDATED* Past Papers (w/ Solution) - Chap 01 - XI PHY - AKU-EB

Info Updated*
Definitions of Radian and Steradian can be found in book page 5.

The file include solution of Past Paper Questions' from Chap01.

Chap 01 - Past Papers (w/ solution) - Click Here

I would never provide the solution but since we are having test on Monday and we didn't get time to discuss it. Only that is why the solution is given in the file with questions.

Also, the pattern of the test will be

10 MCQs (1 Mark Each)
05 CRQs (3 Marks Each)

Do practice all SLOs and go through past papers for the preparation.

Best of Luck!

And please inform all about the files uploaded. Thank You

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