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NCERT Physics XI Book (Both Parts)

All Parts are downloaded from NCERT Official Source

Part I

Chap02 - Units & Measurements

Chap03 - Motion in a Straight Line

Chap04 - Motion in a Plane (i.e. 2-D)

Chap05 - Laws of Motion

Chap06 - Work, Energy & Power

Chap07 - System of Particles & Rotational Motion

Chap08 - Gravitation

Part II

Chap09 - Mechanical Properties of Solids

Chap10 - Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Chap11 - Thermal Properties of Matter

Chap12 - Thermodynamics

Chap13 - Kinetic Theory

Chap14 - Oscillations

Chap15 - Waves

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