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About Us

This is Khan M. Affan serving Pakistan as a Physics Teacher. The aim is to Normalize Physics Education in Pakistan and students must be doing Physics as a part of everyday life.

I have done Masters (MSc.) in Physics, from Dept. of Physics, University of Karachi (Evening Program) in 2014.

Currently working as a Physics Lecturer at a Private Educational Institute since Jan 2016.

Also, as a Visiting Faculty at Dept. of Physics, University of Karachi (Evening Program) since Jan 2019.

That all formal Professional work.

We are working to Promote Physics Education in Pakistan socially as well.

This blog ( includes a lot of free study material for Physics.

A YouTube Channel by name "Khan Affan", as a resource of Physics Video Lectures.

A Facebook page by name "Physics with Khan Affan", as a data of Facts and Figures regarding Physics in a fun way.

We are also providing these materials offline to the students who doesn't have internet facility. If you know someone in need as just discussed, do let us know here. We'll arrange for them. Every single person has right to study.


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